Introducing Wifey Workshops "online"

Learn to connect spiritually, emotionally, physically, and financially with your husband.

You rush into your local coffee shop to work on a time-sensitive project that was due yesterday. Your palms are sweaty, your mind is racing, and you are kicking yourself for procrastinating.

The barista knows your order by heart, calls you by name, and spells your name correctly. As you select the perfect pastry, you hear these magical words:

“As a rewards member, there will be no charge for your purchase today.

Just when you think life can’t get any sweeter, you notice that your preferred table is unoccupied. You sit down, settle in, and breathe a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, it feels as though the sun is shining brighter, and the load you came in with feels a little lighter. Smiling softly, and praising Jesus privately, you take a small sip of the liquid kindness in your cup.

Upon opening your laptop, you realize that the WiFi connection is inconsistent.

What do you do?

Politely pack up your belongings, bid the barista farewell, and go down the street to the not-so-cute cafe that has a consistent WiFi connection.

Connection matters.

So much so, that we will abandon something ideal for something subpar just so long as we can find a connection. In this technological age, connection governs much of our lives. While this may be great for helping us crush our goals, it can also be the secret source of crushing our husbands’ spirit.

The tools we use to connect with others can often leave us disconnected in our marriage. When married couples feel disconnected, much like the devices we use, our spirits start to roam in search of connection.

Wifey is a series of four workshops that help wives stay connected to what matters most.

Wifey explores four specific areas of connection.


Pray for your husband spiritually

Protect his heart emotionally

Please him physically

Partner with him financially

Everybody and their mama will tell you that you need to get married, but no one spills the tea on how to stay married. It's no wonder divorce rates are so high and the number of couples experiencing genuine connection is so low.

Whether you've been married for 20 years, 20 days, or 20 minutes, we understand how scary it is to "be with" someone and yet still feel alone, apathetic, or occasionally rejected. If you are seeking to get married, or interested in staying married, Wifey will teach you how to stay connected. 

Cultivating connection is a game-changer. Wifey Workshops will help

  • reduce the time you spend feeling alone
  • raise awareness and empathy
  • increase acceptance within a marriage 

Prepare to

  1. learn how to be married
  2. gain insight on how to stay married
  3. connect with God, self, and other authentic wives

Welcome to Wifey!

A place where CONNECTION MATTERS more than anything else.


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